Drones can scare the wild animals

Réka Mészely

The experts of the Digital Development Center (DDC) of Széchenyi István University are working on the development of a unique tool: they are developing a unique drone and related software that recognizes the wild animals or the intruder in the given area and is able to intervene.

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the 5G network, the experts of Széchenyi István University are working on the development of special technology.

– A request came from one of the mobile operators to see if we could develop a self-guided drone capable of deterring wild animals from the fields and birds from the vineyards. This project will be brought together by the university’s Digital Development Center, in collaboration with several faculties and departments – we learned from dr. Gergely Teschner, the project manager.

Experts from several departments of Széchenyi University are working together on the development of the self-propelled drone. The picture includes Csaba Hajdu, János Hollósi, István Drotár, dr. Áron Ballagi and dr. Gergely Teschner.

As he says, the task is complex, which is why it is important that many professionals from different disciplines work together, taking advantage of the strengths of the institution. In addition to acquiring the necessary tools, they are working on the development of software that recognizes wild animals in the area and that the drone is able to perform the task in a self-guided manner. When the weather conditions are right, it starts to fly and uses a drone-mounted sound cannon to deter the wild animals. Through the drone’s camera, it doesn’t only recognizes the animal, but is also able to steer it out of the area.

According to Dr. Gergely Teschner, this solution can be useful not only in the agricultural field. It can even be deployed in the industrial area, for example if a burglar is there and is able to notify the dispatcher. Practical experiences like this can also be used in the university’s agricultural digitalization courses.

– The prototype is ready, now we are testing. We are now building the high-level prototype. This self-driving drone is also a good example of the potential of 5G networks, in the research of which the Digital Development Center plays an important role, added dr. Gergely Teschner.