Drone demonstration for Robert Bosch Kft. on ZalaZONE proving ground

Researchers of Széchenyi István University in cooperation with ELKH SZTAKI held a drone demonstration for Robert Bosch Kft. on 13th July 2022. Tracking of a ground vehicle with a camera equipped drone from the forerunner concept of the FT2 “Autonomous Near-Earth Aerial Solutions” subproject of the project “Developing innovative automotive testing and analysis competencies in the West Hungary region based on the infrastructure of the Zalaegerszeg Automotive Test Track” GINOP-2.3.4-15-2020-00009 was demonstrated.

Preparations for the demonstration included only software changes based-on data sets collected during the forerunner development leaving the hardware system components unchanged. Passing the previous day preparatory test even the software system was demonstrated unchanged on 13th July.

The demonstration required only the mounting of the ground part (GPS receiver and WiFi communication module) of forerunner system on the Bosch test vehicle thanks to the standalone concept. The drone successfully flew in front of and above the test vehicle in 30km/h forward motion, reverse motion, Y-turn, roundabout and even passing below the bridge which is a critical point with GPS outages. The speed range of the most complex test (shown in the video) was 0-40km/h.