Motorsport: student of Széchenyi István University and the contestants of H MOTO UNI GYŐR TEAM among the best

Bálint Kovács, a student of Technical Management at Széchenyi István University, excelling in the world of Hungarian motorsport, will compete in the German Championship and the Endurance World Championship in the new season as well. His team, the H-Moto Team, from now on also known as Uni Győr, has been strengthened by the arrival of young riders who will also be competing internationally.

Bálint Kovács is a third-year student of Széchenyi István University, who has a number of international successes under his belt. Last year, the Hungarian and Alpine-Adriatic champion finished in the top ten in one of the world’s strongest championships, the German IDM, as a BMW M works driver, and was equally successful as a regular driver for the Maco Racing Team in the Endurance World Championship.

The 22-year-old pilot announced at a press conference at Széchenyi István University on 16 February that he would contest this year’s German championship again on a BMW bike for Alpha Racing, while in the World Endurance Championship he would be riding a Honda for his former team Wojcik Racing Team.

Bálint Kovács, a student at Széchenyi István University, is a Hungarian motorsport prodigy  (Photo: András Adorján)

“I’m eager to start the season and I’m happy to see the team expanding, and I believe we will be able to help each other a lot with the boys.  Parallel to racing, I will continue my studies at Széchenyi István University, where I have significant goals, as I am already thinking about my post-racing career. As an intern, I am involved in the work of the Automotive Research Centre and I would like to contribute to the further development of motorsport at both university and national level. I am also writing my thesis on this subject,”

 said the young motorcyclist.

The new driver of the H-Moto Uni Győr Team, 18-year-old Soma Görbe, who won the Northern Talent Cup series title in 2020, will not only change teams this year, but also categories, as he will compete in the IDM Superstock 1000 category.”

“With Bálint we will definitely be of great help to each other and share our track experience. This year, I am facing a big challenge not only in sport, but also in my studies, as I am going to graduate from high school and after that I would like to continue my studies at Széchenyi University,”

 he said.

The other entrant is the 16-year-old Kevin Farkas, the runner-up in the Northern Talent Cup 2022 series and the only Hungarian rider in the Red Bull MotoGp Rookies Cup and Junior GP 2024 World Championship.

“My goal is to finish as often as possible at the top of the Red Bull series and I would like to see the Hungarian flag in the Junior World Championship coverages a lot,”

 said the young rider.

At the table there are Dr. Ferenc Szauter, Director of the Centre for Automotive Research at Széchenyi István University, Henrik Szabó, Strategic Director of HUMDA Zrt., a member of the Széchenyi University Group, and the young riders of the H-Moto Uni Győr Team: Bálint Kovács, Soma Görbe and Kevin Farkas. (Photo: András Adorján)

Dr. Ferenc Szauter, Director of the Automotive Research Centre of Széchenyi István University, stressed the importance of motorsport for the Győr-based institution, which is well-demonstrated by the support of its world-class student teams. He emphasized that the university provides all the support to students excelling in sports, including Bálint Kovács, to assist them on their way to be successful in their studies and sporting careers at the same time.

“Bálint is writing his thesis with me on the potentials of developments in motorsport. I am confident that our two new riders, Soma and Kevin, will follow his example and continue their studies at our university,”

 he said.

Henrik Szabó, the Strategic Director of HUMDA Zrt., also has high hopes for the young drivers, who are all beneficiaries of the Hungarian Motorsport Academy, a talent development system established by HUMDA Hungarian Mobility Development Agency Zrt.

“Sport and science are inseparable, especially in technical sports, so the involvement of Széchenyi István University is very forward-looking. HUMDA can help to provide the right professional background and patronage that will create opportunities for talented young people and for Hungarian motorsport,”

 he noted.

Róbert Balázs Simon, Member of Parliament representing Győr, also welcomed the participants of the press conference. (Photo: András Adorján)

Róbert Balázs Simon, Member of Parliament for Győr, drew attention to the power of Széchenyi University in shaping the region, which is reflected in education, economy and several other areas, including sport.

“I am pleased that motorsports, beside more conventional sports, are also present in the life of the university at an international level. I wish the team every success,”

 he said.

Krisztián Kelemen, owner and team manager of the H-Moto Uni Győr Team, has high hopes for the year 2024. (Photo: András Adorján)

Krisztián Kelemen, the team manager of the H-Moto Uni Győr Team, said that the team – celebrating its 14th anniversary this year – and the university are working together to ensure that the heart of Hungarian speed motorsport will beat in Győr.

“Our goal is to achieve results that will enhance the reputation of the institution, the city and the country in the world. As you can see, we have the talented young people to make this dream come true,”

 he concluded.