e Mobility Center

Function of the Center

The whole world is keenly interested in the alternative propulsion electric vehicles, so the e-Mobility Center of the Vehicle Industry Research Center of Széchenyi István University develop electric and other alternative propulsion systems. Our main research directions are the diagnostic and quality assurance tests of electric motors with the high-performance electric dynamometer. In addition to brake bench examinations, we research and develop alternative vehicle propulsions.

Scientific head of the Center: Dr. Dénes Fodor
Contact – e-mail address: fodor.denes@ga.sze.hu

Research-professional areas

Dynamometer measurements of electric motors

Our researchers examine the electric motors in wide range of power (10 kW, 50 kW, 500 kW) in test-environment. We accomplish dynamic and static measurements of electric motors for functional and diagnostic purposes in accordance with standard. We measure in maximum 22000 rpm-range and maximum 540 Nm torque-range with the high-performance electric dynamometer.


Examinations of electric motors and electric drives for diagnostic purposes by machine learning methods.

Battery diagnostics

We execute measurements for diagnostic purposes related to battery-life examinations.

Control engineering

Development and testing of the control engineering algorithms for drive controls of electric motors.

Power electronics

Condition monitoring (SOH) and diagnostic examinations of semiconductors of the voltage-inverter.

Electrodynamic examinations

Finite element simulation of the magnetic and electromagnetic materials and devices. Measurement and modeling of the electrodynamic properties of ferromagnetic materials.